NINJA Talks About POST MALONE’S Emergency Plane Landing.. (Fortnite Moments)

New video from iStealth about ninja fortnite gameplay. Ninja speaks about emergency plane landing in the clip. Also further in next clip he is dancing on the new lama bell emote.  Personally i did not find it interesting this time. It was just some random clips from twitch which even i do it in my channel and get now views for it  🙂

Streamers Showed in this video/streamers i use: Tfue – dakotaz – Ninja – Poki – Myth – Cizzors – Fortnite Twitch – ImTimTheTatMan – DrLupo – CourageJD – Shroud – Summit1G – Hamlinz – Hysteria – Highdistortion – CDNThe3rd – KingRichard – XChocoBars – SyperkPK – Daequan – Syndicate – OPscT – DarkzyNL –

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