New Fortnite Gamer T-Shirt

This is my first ever t-shirt design. I was actually looking for how to earn money from home without investment. And found a video i don’t have the link to share right now, but this video showed multiple ways out of which this one i found more interesting! How?

First is you go to

Create your account and start with your product. They have a variety of products that you can design skin for.

For example leggings, iphone case, socks, beach towel, indoor pillow etc. Out o curiosity.  I choose Apparels and i could immediately start designing my own t-shirt. With my limited knowledge of Photoshop( i am being honest as always! ) and my love for Fortnite.  I did come up with the design which  i felt could be cool for fortnite lovers.

Please visit the link and consider taking a look at it. If you find any scope of improvements, kindly let me know in comments here. If you like it, consider purchasing it. would be a great boost for my moral and will push me to try more designs in future. By the way the life of this product only 3 days from today. So hurry up and take a look before it goes in dark shadows of no return 🙂


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