Ninja FORCES Tfue To Buy a Skin in Fortnite…

I was done with today’s postings. But i came across this sticky hooky video from Mr TOP5 who donated $20 to Tfue who is reluctant to buy a skin in fortnite. Everyone who follows Tfue knows that he plays without a skin which is unusual for any pro player.

MR. Top5 made it a mission to force Tfue by embarrassing him with these donations so Tfue could buy a skin.  After 2-3 tries of donations, Mr Top5 realised that Tfue is ignoring his donations and the message to buy a new skin.

Finally decided to impersonate himself as Ninja. After the game was over, Mr. Top5 sent another donation but this time in the name of Ninja. When Tfue read this donation and the message, he laughed at it saying “Is that a fake ninja donation?”.

I don’t want to be a spoiler for your fun. So watch it by your self and have fun.

Happy Gaming.


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