EPIC CUBE BOUNCE *TRICK*..!!! Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.593

The first clip is absolutely extremely creative and rightfully deserves an applause !!! Fortnite gamers find interesting ways to create funny moments in the game.

This is very new trick with the cube where a player from far distance hits the cube with sniper rifle and in reaction to which the cube sends repulsive reaction that trows nearby another player up in the sky far away from the cube. What an idea. Brilliant. And such clips are undoubtedly uploaded by none than BCC Trolling. Bravo man. Thanks for providing a good entertainment. Good job as always.

There are many clips and nice edited with good sound effects in the video. One of which i liked was a player sees the LAMA and to win the loot he starts hitting lama, and look at the coincidence, the moment the lama is destroyed, screen shows VICTORY ROYALE animation. As if Lama was the last enemy left in the game 🙂

Happy Gaming



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