EPIC CUBE BOUNCE *TRICK*..!!! Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.593

The first clip is absolutely extremely creative and rightfully deserves an applause !!! Fortnite gamers find interesting ways to create funny moments in the game.

This is very new trick with the cube where a player from far distance hits the cube with sniper rifle and in reaction to which the cube sends repulsive reaction that trows nearby another player up in the sky far away from the cube. What an idea. Brilliant. And such clips are undoubtedly uploaded by none than BCC Trolling. Bravo man. Thanks for providing a good entertainment. Good job as always.

There are many clips and nice edited with good sound effects in the video. One of which i liked was a player sees the LAMA and to win the loot he starts hitting lama, and look at the coincidence, the moment the lama is destroyed, screen shows VICTORY ROYALE animation. As if Lama was the last enemy left in the game 🙂

Happy Gaming



NEW *SEASON 6* LIGHTNING CUBE FOUND! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #299

Season 6 in the game is on!!

As always, BCC Trolling has a spectacular collection of Fortnite clips that offer real fun factor and are usually not available on twitch clips. I like to watch full videos of this channel as they are different in all aspect. I guess this channel has some many clips coming in every day, they have to cherry pick the best out of all. Hence it always offers good entertainment. Today is 299th video from BCC Trolling. They have covered the ninja cube event probably well before any other channel. This is my raw guess and i know i could be wrong here. But out of all the channel that i have subscribed, BCC Trolling was the first to report this even.

But one clip in this video really made me laugh which was about some random player who built his structure while he was under attack from someone in the game. This guy is successful in building the horizontal jump pad so he could jump off and attack the person behind him. However funnily just before he could reach jump pad, he was knocked down by someone. At the same instance this guy got pushed back from the jump pad and while he was in the air, he fell on the flying rocket that carried him to the same position from where he came from 🙂 A very funny co-incidence and dope clip. Nice job BCC Trolling.

Don’s miss the clip for which i spent some time to explain what happened. i am sure i have confused you, hence it’s better to watch it by yourself and have fun.


Happy Gaming.


*NEW* RIFT-TO-GO IS INSANE! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #298

Bcc trolling also is showing the Rft-To-Go clip. This game has a unique grip on every one, gamers, youtubers, creators, followers, bloggers every one is just going hung-ho when a new patch or update is introduced. And seriously the game deserves it to the fullest. I have been playing the games since packman, wolf3d, Age of Empires(My love- miss it a lot) and many other classics. Have also played franchise like Call of duty, Battlefield but have never found such huge fan base, enthusiasm and the regular updates from any game in quick successions. I admire epic games and their regular deliveries. Its an automatic   delivery machine.

Anyways coming back to This video just another video about Fortnite gameplay. Would i say worth watching? May be because it is from BCC Trolling 🙂

I like their job. only 300 videos and this channel is dominating the youtube search keywords for fortnite. i am kind of jealous of them. Why couldn’t i post so many videos on youtube? Why people don’t watch my channel? But the secrets are secrets. if i knew that everyone would. So i have live with this fact that i can not be BCC Trolling and just be another isolated channel  on youtube who is shouting at everyone hey guys pls check me out?

By the way my channel link is https://bit.ly/2mQZne3 Please visit it someday and let me know what improvements i should do in my channel so people like to visit it again.


Happy Gaming.


*NEW* Rift-To-Go INSANE PLAYS..!! Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.586

The 586th video from this channel has a new Rift-to-go clip. It appears in chests, vending machines, supply drops and loot llamas. So here after if you pla this game and if you find it in any of these places enjoy jumping back and fro between sky and land. Its absolutely helpful it defending yourself especially you are alone and got very less cover, you can use it to get away from the attackers for the time being and get to a safer location from where you can reverse the attack. I find its use similar to the jump pads however in jump pads you bounce relatively lesser as in Rift-to-go. Nice addition by epic games.

Anyways about the video,  only the clip about this new addition is unique and awesome. However rest of the clips are just like regular kills and moments from the game.

Happy gaming.