A nice video from Fortnite Funny !! Ninja meets a fan boy who keep taking without focusing on the game really. He is so stunned that he keeps repeating “I can’t believe it!” As usual Ninja is pretty serious on game and keeps playing but gets knocked down eventually in the game but this kid does not even stand in the game and they loose the game in early stages. Ninja is really annoyed with this and mimics the boy “Bro……”.  You need to watch this rather me typing the quotes here 🙂

The next clip shows a killer shot for Dr Lupo who is again another player whom i  watch out for. He takes a shot at the last player from far off(144 meters) who is gliding down in mid-air and wins the game. Nice small clip to watch.

Happy Gaming.


New Fortnite Gamer T-Shirt

Fortnite t-shirt new design

This is my first ever t-shirt design. I was actually looking for how to earn money from home without investment. And found a video i don’t have the link to share right now, but this video showed multiple ways out of which this one i found more interesting! How?

First is you go to

Create your account and start with your product. They have a variety of products that you can design skin for.

For example leggings, iphone case, socks, beach towel, indoor pillow etc. Out o curiosity.  I choose Apparels and i could immediately start designing my own t-shirt. With my limited knowledge of Photoshop( i am being honest as always! ) and my love for Fortnite.  I did come up with the design which  i felt could be cool for fortnite lovers.

Please visit the link and consider taking a look at it. If you find any scope of improvements, kindly let me know in comments here. If you like it, consider purchasing it. would be a great boost for my moral and will push me to try more designs in future. By the way the life of this product only 3 days from today. So hurry up and take a look before it goes in dark shadows of no return 🙂


*NEW* RIFT-TO-GO IS INSANE! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #298

Bcc trolling also is showing the Rft-To-Go clip. This game has a unique grip on every one, gamers, youtubers, creators, followers, bloggers every one is just going hung-ho when a new patch or update is introduced. And seriously the game deserves it to the fullest. I have been playing the games since packman, wolf3d, Age of Empires(My love- miss it a lot) and many other classics. Have also played franchise like Call of duty, Battlefield but have never found such huge fan base, enthusiasm and the regular updates from any game in quick successions. I admire epic games and their regular deliveries. Its an automatic   delivery machine.

Anyways coming back to This video just another video about Fortnite gameplay. Would i say worth watching? May be because it is from BCC Trolling 🙂

I like their job. only 300 videos and this channel is dominating the youtube search keywords for fortnite. i am kind of jealous of them. Why couldn’t i post so many videos on youtube? Why people don’t watch my channel? But the secrets are secrets. if i knew that everyone would. So i have live with this fact that i can not be BCC Trolling and just be another isolated channel  on youtube who is shouting at everyone hey guys pls check me out?

By the way my channel link is Please visit it someday and let me know what improvements i should do in my channel so people like to visit it again.


Happy Gaming.


*NEW* Rift-To-Go INSANE PLAYS..!! Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.586

The 586th video from this channel has a new Rift-to-go clip. It appears in chests, vending machines, supply drops and loot llamas. So here after if you pla this game and if you find it in any of these places enjoy jumping back and fro between sky and land. Its absolutely helpful it defending yourself especially you are alone and got very less cover, you can use it to get away from the attackers for the time being and get to a safer location from where you can reverse the attack. I find its use similar to the jump pads however in jump pads you bounce relatively lesser as in Rift-to-go. Nice addition by epic games.

Anyways about the video,  only the clip about this new addition is unique and awesome. However rest of the clips are just like regular kills and moments from the game.

Happy gaming.



Tfue Gets Annoyed By Myth’s Keyboard!

The title forced me to take a look at this video where two big giants / top players from Fortnite are involved. how could i miss that? But it was just clickbait folks 🙂 And its fair to use these. There was a small opening clip of Tfue and Myth about the keyboard, but not to the extent that the title suggested. But nice job from the youtuber to make people click on his video.

Happy Gaming



This is probably become the news. And youtubers want to cash in on the same. So this is the second video from a leading channel i saw today about the post malone plane emergency landing. However i must admit that these channels are uploading regularly whatever stuff they find on fortnite.  Fortnite records on youtube is just very punctual about uploads. Personally I can not keep uploading the videos every day. But i lke to watch these videos daily. Why don’t you guys join me and let’s enjoy the game.


• Ninja – • Tfue – • Timthetatman – • TSM_hamlinz – • Highdistortion – • TSM_daequan – • Sypherpk – • Cizzorz – • CDNthe3rd –

Happy Gaming


NINJA Talks About POST MALONE’S Emergency Plane Landing.. (Fortnite Moments)

New video from iStealth about ninja fortnite gameplay. Ninja speaks about emergency plane landing in the clip. Also further in next clip he is dancing on the new lama bell emote.  Personally i did not find it interesting this time. It was just some random clips from twitch which even i do it in my channel and get now views for it  🙂

Streamers Showed in this video/streamers i use: Tfue – dakotaz – Ninja – Poki – Myth – Cizzors – Fortnite Twitch – ImTimTheTatMan – DrLupo – CourageJD – Shroud – Summit1G – Hamlinz – Hysteria – Highdistortion – CDNThe3rd – KingRichard – XChocoBars – SyperkPK – Daequan – Syndicate – OPscT – DarkzyNL –

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