*NEW* RIFT-TO-GO IS INSANE! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #298

Bcc trolling also is showing the Rft-To-Go clip. This game has a unique grip on every one, gamers, youtubers, creators, followers, bloggers every one is just going hung-ho when a new patch or update is introduced. And seriously the game deserves it to the fullest. I have been playing the games since packman, wolf3d, Age of Empires(My love- miss it a lot) and many other classics. Have also played franchise like Call of duty, Battlefield but have never found such huge fan base, enthusiasm and the regular updates from any game in quick successions. I admire epic games and their regular deliveries. Its an automatic   delivery machine.

Anyways coming back to This video just another video about Fortnite gameplay. Would i say worth watching? May be because it is from BCC Trolling 🙂

I like their job. only 300 videos and this channel is dominating the youtube search keywords for fortnite. i am kind of jealous of them. Why couldn’t i post so many videos on youtube? Why people don’t watch my channel? But the secrets are secrets. if i knew that everyone would. So i have live with this fact that i can not be BCC Trolling and just be another isolated channel  on youtube who is shouting at everyone hey guys pls check me out?

By the way my channel link is https://bit.ly/2mQZne3 Please visit it someday and let me know what improvements i should do in my channel so people like to visit it again.


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Tfue Gets Annoyed By Myth’s Keyboard!

The title forced me to take a look at this video where two big giants / top players from Fortnite are involved. how could i miss that? But it was just clickbait folks 🙂 And its fair to use these. There was a small opening clip of Tfue and Myth about the keyboard, but not to the extent that the title suggested. But nice job from the youtuber to make people click on his video.

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Fortnite update- Myth makes the kid cry and donates him $100

You can’t miss this one from Fortnite Best Moments. Myth was playing the winning battle with a random kid who kept building like a pro till the end to safeguard him self from non stop mini gun assault from Myth. Out of curiosity Myth found him on twitch after two three tries and followed him. And look at the magic of Myth. The kid who had no viewers sometime back now had 1k viewers viewing his channel. Meanwhile Myth donated him  $100 out of love.

When Great people always have great hearts, they are called Myth / Ninja / many more. Fortnite is really a different world with lot of new things happening every moment. Here we try to capture as much as moments as possible.

Watch out the great video from Fortnite Best Moments

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FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! #23 (Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments)

latest funny clips from Red Arcade. Its channel link is   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZZo1h1cI1vg4I9g2RqOUQ

Personally i a fan of this channel. They select unique clips for each upload and the music is awesome too. They do real justice to their  2 million+ subscribers. I wish i could get such quality clips to upload on my channel from players around.

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