SHARK ATTACK *NEW* Custom Gamemode In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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If you nee a little fun or a different version of Fortnite battle royale season 5, this youtube channel Lachlan is probably perfect for you.  These guys come together, create some custom maps in fortnite, decide the game rules and they play it by the rules. It creates different out of box experience of this game. Hope you enjoy it.

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This is probably become the news. And youtubers want to cash in on the same. So this is the second video from a leading channel i saw today about the post malone plane emergency landing. However i must admit that these channels are uploading regularly whatever stuff they find on fortnite.  Fortnite records on youtube is just very punctual about uploads. Personally I can not keep uploading the videos every day. But i lke to watch these videos daily. Why don’t you guys join me and let’s enjoy the game.


• Ninja – • Tfue – • Timthetatman – • TSM_hamlinz – • Highdistortion – • TSM_daequan – • Sypherpk – • Cizzorz – • CDNthe3rd –

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NINJA Talks About POST MALONE’S Emergency Plane Landing.. (Fortnite Moments)

New video from iStealth about ninja fortnite gameplay. Ninja speaks about emergency plane landing in the clip. Also further in next clip he is dancing on the new lama bell emote.  Personally i did not find it interesting this time. It was just some random clips from twitch which even i do it in my channel and get now views for it  🙂

Streamers Showed in this video/streamers i use: Tfue – dakotaz – Ninja – Poki – Myth – Cizzors – Fortnite Twitch – ImTimTheTatMan – DrLupo – CourageJD – Shroud – Summit1G – Hamlinz – Hysteria – Highdistortion – CDNThe3rd – KingRichard – XChocoBars – SyperkPK – Daequan – Syndicate – OPscT – DarkzyNL –

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Fortnite update- Myth makes the kid cry and donates him $100

You can’t miss this one from Fortnite Best Moments. Myth was playing the winning battle with a random kid who kept building like a pro till the end to safeguard him self from non stop mini gun assault from Myth. Out of curiosity Myth found him on twitch after two three tries and followed him. And look at the magic of Myth. The kid who had no viewers sometime back now had 1k viewers viewing his channel. Meanwhile Myth donated him  $100 out of love.

When Great people always have great hearts, they are called Myth / Ninja / many more. Fortnite is really a different world with lot of new things happening every moment. Here we try to capture as much as moments as possible.

Watch out the great video from Fortnite Best Moments

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